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Veyond Metaverse Integrates Apple Vision Pro to Revolutionize Digital Surgery and Anatomy Education

Veyond Metaverse Inc, a pioneer in AI-driven Extended Reality (XR) healthcare technologies, announces the integration of Apple Vision Pro into its XR 5D Digital Surgery platform. This milestone reflects our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare and democratizing digital surgery globally, with a focus on anatomy education and remote assisted surgeries through our Veyond Connect platform.

The shortage of cadavers, exacerbated by the global pandemic, poses significant challenges to medical education worldwide. Veyond Metaverse offers a groundbreaking solution with its cadaver-based 5D anatomy platform, providing digital and interactive training that mimics traditional methods. This scalable and efficient approach meets the growing demand for anatomical training resources, especially in countries like South Korea, aiming to expand medical education programs.

Veyond Connect extends our technological capabilities to remote assisted surgeries, enhancing surgical precision and efficiency. Integrated with Apple Vision Pro, this innovation enables real-time collaboration and support during surgical procedures, advancing healthcare practices globally.

The integration of Apple Vision Pro signifies a leap forward in surgical and educational practices, offering unparalleled visual clarity and intuitive interactions. Comprehensive testing underscores its transformative potential in medical training and practice.

Testimonials from Innovation Leaders

Dr. Raymond Thein, a prominent figure in digital surgery, emphasizes the transformative impact of XR technology on healthcare, citing Veyond Metaverse's pioneering efforts. With Apple Vision Pro, we are setting new standards in medical training and practice.

Overcoming Educational Barriers

Veyond Metaverse's platform addresses critical challenges such as cadaver shortages and limited operating room availability, offering immersive digital experiences for efficient learning. Our comprehensive library of educational materials further enhances the learning experience.

Our initiatives have garnered attention from prominent media outlets, showcasing the practical applications of our technology in healthcare. These case studies highlight our role in advancing digital surgery and education, reaffirming our impact on the healthcare industry.

Veyond Metaverse aims to establish its platform as the gold standard in anatomy education, revolutionizing how anatomical knowledge is acquired and applied. We envision unprecedented levels of engagement and understanding in medical education.

Veyond Metaverse invites the medical community, technology enthusiasts, investors, and potential partners to join us in shaping the future of healthcare. Together, we are redefining education, surgery, and patient care with XR 5D Digital Surgery.

Founded in January 2021, Veyond Metaverse is a leader in AI and XR healthcare technology, committed to innovation and excellence. With our XR 5D Digital Surgery platform, we are revolutionizing traditional medical practices and reshaping the future of healthcare.


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