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The Sandbox Unveils Open Publishing and Launches $100 Million SAND Game Maker Fund

The Sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has recently unveiled two major initiatives that are poised to reshape the landscape of user-generated content and virtual world creation. The first of these initiatives is the introduction of open publishing, offering a more accessible and immediate route for LAND owners to share their creations. This shift from a traditional application process to a streamlined and instantaneous publishing system opens up new horizons for user-generated content within the metaverse. The second key development is the establishment of the substantial $100 million SAND Game Maker Fund, set to launch in 2024. This fund aims to further empower creators and foster the development of 2,000 user-generated experiences on The Sandbox's virtual map by the year 2024.

LAND owners within The Sandbox's ecosystem will undoubtedly benefit from the newfound capability to publish their creations without the hindrance of a prolonged application process. This landmark change marks a significant departure from convention, making it easier than ever for creators to unleash their imaginative content. The commitment to creators is also underscored by the forthcoming $100 million SAND fund, incorporating an innovative DAO-based selection system. This system will not only reward content creation but also recognize the engagement it generates within the platform. Nicola Sebastiani, Chief Content Officer of The Sandbox, emphasizes the value placed on creating engaging and immersive experiences, stating, "We value experiences. We value the worlds you build, the stories you weave, and the adventures you design."

Additionally, The Sandbox is dedicated to providing a more interactive and engaging entertainment experience. In 2023, the platform introduced eight new cultural and geographical neighborhoods to its virtual map, showcasing its commitment to fostering diversity and enriching the metaverse. With over 125,000 LAND parcels sold, constituting 75% of its map, The Sandbox has attracted a diverse and active community of over 24,000 LAND owners. The platform's aspirations extend beyond just content creation, with collaborations with iconic intellectual properties (IPs) and celebrities on the horizon. This marks a significant step towards transforming The Sandbox into a unique destination where gaming and culture harmoniously intersect.

Furthermore, The Sandbox is gearing up for a major milestone with the launch of its mobile version in 2024. This strategic move is set to significantly expand the platform's user base and further accelerate the adoption of the open metaverse. This metaverse can be envisioned as a continuous digital space, where various worlds and characters converge to create magical experiences.

The expansive list of partners that have joined forces with The Sandbox, including prominent names like Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, The Rabbids, Gucci Vault, and more, underscores the platform's dedication to empowering players to create experiences with a diverse array of characters and worlds. In summary, The Sandbox is poised to redefine the entertainment landscape by placing user-generated content at its core, embracing collaborations with established brands, and shaping an accessible and inclusive open metaverse for all to explore.


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