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Powder's AI Clipping Tool Now Detects Creator Shouts in Streams

Powder, an innovative AI-powered clipping software designed to curate highlights from gaming streams and seamlessly convert them into short-form videos, is gearing up to introduce advanced features, enhancing the content creation experience for gamers.

Powder AI Clipping Tool
Image Credit: Powder

In a bid to capture the dynamic and emotional moments during gaming sessions, Powder has successfully developed over 40 proprietary game-specific AI models. These include audio analysis, laughter detection, and standalone models tailored for popular gaming titles such as Fortnite, Valorant, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Rocket League, Fall Guys, Elden Ring, Among Us, with an upcoming model for Counter-Strike 2.

The core functionality of Powder's AI models involves scanning stream recordings from platforms like Twitch, YouTube, or MP4 files. The AI identifies spikes in activity, such as victories, assists, kills, and other performance-based in-game moments. Subsequently, Powder compiles these highlights, creating short montages that content creators can easily share on social media platforms.

In a strategic move to capture a broader spectrum of emotional expressions during gameplay, Powder is set to launch a new AI tool that recognizes fluctuations in voice, specifically targeting instances where gamers shout during intense ranked matches. This tool is poised to become an integral part of Powder's offerings, providing content creators with the means to showcase the emotional intensity of their gaming experiences. The anticipated launch for this feature is expected in mid-December.

Furthermore, Powder is actively developing speech-to-text technology, scheduled to debut next month. This addition will empower creators by providing a transcript of their entire streaming session, enabling them to quickly search for specific keywords and effortlessly pinpoint the most engaging highlights. The software is intelligently crafted with gamer lingo to ensure accuracy and precision in search results.

Powder AI Clipping Tool
Image Credit: Powder

Powder's efforts align with the aim of significantly reducing the time and effort that content creators invest in searching for highlights and editing clips. According to a survey conducted by Powder among over 3,200 streamers, creators typically spend an average of 53 hours per month, or a staggering 630 hours per year, searching for highlights and editing clips. Powder estimates that its platform can save streamers up to 10 hours per week, translating to approximately 520 hours annually.

In addition to these upcoming features, Powder is also enhancing its existing "Community Hype" feature. This AI model, launched in September, detects chat spikes during streams. The upcoming update will recommend clips where the community is particularly enthusiastic, allowing creators to capture and share those memorable moments.

Powder, founded in 2018 and based in France, has been a trailblazer in leveraging AI to streamline content creation for gamers. The startup, founded by Barthélémy Kiss, Yannis Mangematin, Stanislas Coppin, and Christian Navelot, has secured $22 million in funding to date, reflecting the industry's recognition of its innovative contributions.


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