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Planetarium Labs is set to introduce the mobile version of Nine Chronicles M Web3 game on November 2

Planetarium Labs, a thriving Web3 gaming company, is gearing up to unveil Nine Chronicles (9C) Mobile on November 22. This mobile iteration of the Nine Chronicles blockchain game, already a stalwart in the market, signifies a significant advancement in the Web3 gaming sphere.

Image Credit: Planetarium Labs

Nine Chronicles M will deliver the same immersive and customisable features that have cemented Nine Chronicles as a beloved Web3 RPG on PC, with the added convenience of mobile accessibility, according to Planetarium Labs. The company's goal is to not only provide players with opportunities for earnings and captivating gaming experiences but also to promote the adoption of Web3 technology while maximising player benefits.

JC Kim, CEO of Planetarium Labs, expressed, "Our goal has always been to provide the best experiences to the widest possible user base. Nine Chronicles has already garnered over 200,000 players, and with Nine Chronicles Mobile, players can now enjoy the game on their mobile phones, anytime and anywhere. It will also be available on Google Play and Apple Store with support for in-app purchases, aligning with our strategy of introducing users, even those unfamiliar with crypto, to Web3 games in a user-friendly manner."

Planetarium Labs, with its significant financial backing from a $32 million funding round last year, continues to work on ambitious projects. Notable among them are Verse8, an open-source decentralised roguelike RPG protocol, and Immortal Rising 2, a Web3 competitive idle RPG game.

Alan Lau, chief business officer of Animoca Brands, the company leading Planetarium Labs' $32 million funding round, acknowledged the expertise behind Nine Chronicles Mobile, stating, "The development and design teams of Planetarium Labs have decades' worth of collective experience in gaming and blockchain technologies, and we're thrilled to be part of this upcoming launch. Idle RPGs represent a popular and growing gaming genre, and Nine Chronicles Mobile could become even more successful than the PC version, playing a crucial role in driving Web3 adoption."

Planetarium Labs has organised a three-week pre-registration event that offers a gamified experience with daily gacha games. Players can win various items, including 10,000 NCG, and early registrants can earn additional rewards through a creative referral bonus system.

Nine Chronicles has consistently maintained a top-ranking position on DappRadar in terms of daily UAW (Unique Active Wallets), boasting one of the largest global Web3 gaming communities. It is recognized as the world's first fully on-chain and open-source Web3 MMORPG game, offering decentralized experiences that enable users to modify and utilise Nine Chronicles IP. The game's development received support from prominent Web3 entities like Animoca Brands and Binance Labs. This mobile announcement follows Planetarium Labs' recent news of Nine Chronicles going multichain by integrating the Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) standard, facilitating the seamless transfer of wrapped NCG (the native token of the Nine Chronicles gaming ecosystem) across different blockchain networks.


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