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Meta to launch a physical store, providing an opportunity to immerse in metaverse experience

In an era where brick-and-mortar stores are fading in the wake of online commerce and the burgeoning realm of virtual reality, Meta, the company behind the ubiquitous social media platform Facebook and a myriad of other metaverse products, is taking a seemingly paradoxical plunge into the world of physical retail.

Image Credit: Meta

Scheduled to open its doors on May 9, the Meta Store, situated on Meta's campus in Burlingame, California, seeks to provide the public with a tangible encounter with its diverse metaverse products. Among these featured offerings are the innovative Ray-Ban Stories, the Meta Portal, and the widely acclaimed Meta Quest 2. This establishment is not merely a retail outlet; Meta envisions it as a strategic partner crucial for effectively marketing its expanding range of metaverse-centric products.

Martin Gilliard, Head of Meta Store, expressed, "Having the store here in Burlingame gives us more opportunity to experiment and keep the customer experience core to our development. What we learn here will help define our future retail strategy."

Despite its relatively modest size at approximately 1,550 square feet, the Meta Store's location holds strategic significance. It is in close proximity to Meta's Reality Labs HQ, the very hub where the company meticulously crafts and refines its groundbreaking metaverse products. This strategic placement allows Meta to create a symbiotic relationship between product development and retail experience.

The Meta Store is not just a space to explore products; it's a laboratory for refining the metaverse retail experience. Visitors can expect more than a conventional retail encounter; it's a hands-on exploration of the future of interconnected digital spaces.

For prospective consumers, the Meta Store offers an avenue to purchase products such as the Meta Quest 2, its accompanying accessories, and the innovative Portal devices. Moreover, sales associates are on hand to facilitate orders for the highly sought-after Ray-Ban Stories, which can be conveniently placed directly through

In essence, Meta's venture into physical retail signifies a strategic move to bridge the virtual and physical worlds, allowing consumers to not just witness but actively engage in the metaverse experience. The Meta Store stands as a testament to Meta's commitment to innovation, experimentation, and a customer-centric approach that is sure to shape the future of retail in the ever-expanding metaverse landscape.


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