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Embracing the Gaming Web3: A Surge in Crypto Users Devoting Increased Time to Mobile Games

Adjoe, a leading adtech solutions provider, delves into the behaviors of cryptocurrency and mobile gaming users in the emerging "crypto gaming Web3" sector. Analyzing interactions of 20 million crypto users from January to July 2023, the study unveils intriguing trends.

Notable findings include men spending 34% more time in crypto wallets than women. Users aged 35-44, exhibiting a nearly 40% higher engagement in crypto wallets, showcase a strong interest in financial planning and investing.

A compelling revelation is the intersection of crypto wallet users and mobile gaming. The study reveals that 80% of those actively using a cryptocurrency wallet have at least three mobile games installed, with 60% engaging in casual gaming. This insight provides strategic implications for wallet publishers, suggesting potential ways to enhance user experiences and expand applications.

Moreover, crypto users spend 10 times more time in mobile games than in their crypto wallets. This information opens avenues for crypto wallets to optimize performance and applications, aligning with common user trends.

Carly Ostasiewski, Director of Growth at Adjoe, emphasizes the strategic power of aligning mobile gaming and cryptocurrency. This alignment not only enhances user engagement but also fosters trust among potential users interested in collecting coins.

In the broader landscape, a noteworthy partnership emerges between Immutable and Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab. This collaboration aims to unlock Web3's full potential, offering gamers digital ownership through Immutable while exploring decentralization with Ubisoft. This significant milestone follows Immutable's zkEVM game solution and the success of flagship games like Guild of Guardians, Metalcore, Shardbound, and Infinite Victory.

As the crypto gaming Web3 space evolves, insights from studies and strategic partnerships pave the way for innovative intersections between cryptocurrency and mobile gaming, shaping the future of digital experiences.


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