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Blowfish Studios and Shrapnel Collaborate to Forge a Web3 Gaming Alliance

In the dynamic realm of web3 gaming, the highly-anticipated Phantom Galaxies, an online action RPG developed by Blowfish Studios, is making waves. A groundbreaking collaboration has emerged between Blowfish Studios and web3 extraction shooter Shrapnel, promising innovation and transformative features. While specific details of this strategic alliance are undisclosed, anticipation is high among the gaming community for the enriching experiences it will bring to Phantom Galaxies and Shrapnel players.

The collaboration signifies a pledge for innovation in the web3 gaming landscape, a space often debated for its incorporation of web3 features and NFTs. Despite concerns, both Phantom Galaxies and Shrapnel have captured attention by seamlessly blending AAA gameplay with NFT features. Phantom Galaxies leverages blockchain and NFTs, enabling players to actively participate in the in-game economy, trade, and own NFTs representing various items, fostering a dynamic economic system within the game.

Phantom Galaxies, crafted on Unreal Engine 5, offers stunning visuals and intense gameplay. The game, entering early access on November 15, engages players in online multiplayer battles, allowing them to earn NFTs.

On the other side of this pioneering collaboration is Shrapnel, a heavyweight in the web3 gaming arena. As the first moddable blockchain extraction shooter, Shrapnel allows players to customize operators and earn NFT rewards through content creation, curation, or active participation in game development. Shrapnel is poised for its early access phase, expected to debut later this year.

Both Phantom Galaxies and Shrapnel are slated for release in the upcoming year, promising accelerated development and positive changes that will shape the future of web3 gaming. The collaboration reflects the growing influence of web3 gaming, showcasing the potential to offer players a new level of ownership, participation, and economic engagement within virtual worlds. The future of web3 gaming holds promise, with Phantom Galaxies and Shrapnel leading the charge in this exciting evolution.


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