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Biden Administration's Executive Order Aims to Mitigate AI-Related Risks

On October 30, President Joe Biden signed an executive order with the aim of addressing risks posed by artificial intelligence (AI) to consumers, workers, minority groups, and national security. This order mandates that developers of AI systems posing risks in areas like national security, the economy, public health, and safety must share safety test results with the U.S. government before making them public.

The order also directs government agencies to establish testing standards and address risks related to various factors, including cybersecurity. Biden emphasized the need for governing AI to prevent its misuse. The response to this order has been mixed, with some praising it as a positive step while others express concerns about its enforcement.

The order goes beyond voluntary commitments made by AI companies earlier this year and includes guidelines for content authentication and watermarking to ensure transparency in government communications. It also outlines requirements for addressing the use of copyrighted works in AI training and aims to prevent discrimination and bias in AI applications.

This executive order signifies a significant move by the U.S. government to navigate the AI landscape, manage risks, and promote responsible AI development.


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