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Adidas Collaborates with STEPN for Cutting-Edge Sneaker NFTs

STEPN is making waves in the digital realm with its latest announcement. Following the successful $100 million $GMT airdrop, the Move-to-Earn mobile app has unveiled Genesis Sneaker NFTs in collaboration with Adidas and ALTS by Adidas. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the intersection of fashion, technology, and blockchain.

Adidas Collaborates with STEPN for Cutting-Edge Sneaker NFTs

Set to launch on April 17, these Genesis Sneaker NFTs will be co-created by STEPN and Adidas and will be available through a digital raffle on the Solana blockchain, facilitated by the FSL Ecosystem. This event is closely tied to STEPN’s MOAAR marketplace and the web3 game Gas Hero, creating a seamless integration of digital experiences for users.

The announcement has sparked excitement among blockchain enthusiasts and sneaker aficionados alike, with promises of more to come. While details remain scarce, the prospect of exclusive digital assets in collaboration with a global brand like Adidas is enough to generate buzz within the community.

One question on everyone's mind is whether these digital sneaker NFTs will have physical counterparts, similar to previous releases like the 'Adidas X Crazyfast Bugatti' football boots. The inclusion of physical merchandise could further elevate the appeal of these digital collectibles, bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds.

Early access privileges for the Genesis Sneaker NFT raffle have been extended to specific members of the Adidas and FSL communities. Eligible participants include holders of ALTS by Adidas, STEPN OGs, Genesis NFT owners, and individuals with specific badges in STEPN and MOAAR. Those meeting the eligibility criteria must register using their STEPN-associated emails via the designated portal on April 16, the day before the release.

For those who don't meet the initial criteria, fear not! An open raffle will be held from April 18 to 21, offering 790 individuals the chance to secure one of these highly sought-after digital collectibles. However, gaining access to these assets comes at a notable cost, with each digital sneaker priced at 10,000 $GMT, approximately $2,500 based on current exchange rates.

Despite the price tag, the allure of owning a piece of digital fashion history in collaboration with a renowned brand like Adidas is undeniable. As the world of digital collectibles continues to evolve, opportunities like these represent a unique intersection of technology, culture, and creativity. Stay tuned for more updates as the Genesis Sneaker NFTs draw near, and don't miss your chance to step into the future of fashion.


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