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WEF Aspires for Metaverse to Broaden Dialogue Channels

The Global Collaboration Village (GCV) emerges as a promising example of the metaverse's potential, presenting an innovative digital platform that could virtually connect global citizens to the World Economic Forum's annual conference in Davos. In a discussion between Worth Media CEO Josh Kampel and GCV's president, tech industry veteran Chieh Huang, the untapped potential of the project is explored, aiming to make the Davos conference more accessible to people in remote locations.

Huang envisions the GCV as a strategic extension of the World Economic Forum, bringing immersive 360-degree experiences through VR and AR to broaden the impact of the WEF globally. Despite the fluctuations in the metaverse hype cycle, Huang believes the GCV is utilizing the technology at an unprecedented level, hosting over 30 sessions with participants ranging from heads of state to engaged citizens.

Initially introduced as a proof-of-concept in 2022, the GCV was officially announced at the Davos conference last year, supported by Microsoft Mesh technology. The project aims to enable collaboration, presence, and shared immersive experiences across various devices.

While the GCV is currently in development, offering colorful screenshots and cartoonish avatars on its website, access is currently limited to WEF members. Huang acknowledges that the hardware and software for such projects are in their infancy, comparing the current state to the early days of smartphones. He anticipates rapid advancements in the coming years, parallel to the evolution seen in smartphone technology.


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