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Tommy Hilfiger Set to Debut Trendsetting Video Game Showcasing Latest Fashion Collections

Tommy Hilfiger, the renowned designer lifestyle brand within PVH's portfolio, in collaboration with Joe Lamastra's Hilfiger Ventures, has partnered with Tilting Point to unveil a groundbreaking fashion video game.

Scheduled for a January 2024 release on iOS and Android mobile platforms and accessible through Netflix for subscribers, the game, named 'FashionVerse,' introduces two-week virtual events called 'Pop-Ups.' These events, hosted in collaboration with leading fashion entertainment brands, offer players an immersive fashion styling experience within unique virtual worlds. FashionVerse's Pop-Ups showcase the latest collections from partner brands, rewarding players for completing specific challenges.

Tommy Hilfiger's brainchild, FashionVerse, emerged from his vision to revolutionize fashion interaction through a dynamic, community-based gaming experience utilizing cutting-edge technology. Developed by Brandible, the game employs AI to create lifelike avatars, settings, and props, crafting a virtual landscape.

In FashionVerse, players participate in design challenges to curate fashion ensembles, unlocking diverse clothing styles and staying updated on real-world fashion trends through state-of-the-art AI technology. Triumphs in challenges result in exclusive rewards.

Expressing his ambition to democratize fashion, Hilfiger stated, 'It’s been a life goal of mine to make fashion more accessible… bring everyone together into one community, providing a more immersive experience.'

Kevin Segalla, founder and CEO of cross-promotion platform Tilting Point, expressed enthusiasm for FashionVerse, highlighting its potential to empower players to explore personal style and connect with the fashion realm in new ways. The game is poised for collaborations with additional fashion brands, expanding its gaming universe.


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