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The Awards 2022

Welcome back pop-pickers to the only news site that counts when it comes to matters of er, meta(verse). It’s my job to go deep like a navy seal into the sometimes absurd world of the metaverse and web3 then report back on it. I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some solid work in the metaverse this year - as well as some absolute pony. So here we go! Our inaugural Awards: just in time for the hot, sweaty mess of climate change holidays. Seasons greetings crunchers!

Photo by Dimitar Belchev


Here’s why: A good metaverse is a versatile one. Anything that can be plugged in without breaking the scene should be plugged in. As with all these experiences, of course, there is always room for improvement. The one improvement I would beg for Spatial is a bit more UGC beyond Sketchfab please.



The rise and unstoppable rise of YAHAHA this year has been amazing. This is the metaverse that keeps on giving, Yeah, they're young and new but they are coming for you. Next year it would be great to see more connective experiences but with the amount of low-code joy on offer, we’ve got plenty of time.


Byte City

This metaverse is sooooo top secret and anonymous that I can’t even find a contact there willing to give me more info. So sadly, there’s not even a link to tempt you. Stealth is always a great sign isn’t it? Well, here’s something to take away with you - Byte City has gamified their entire experience in a way that I haven’t seen for quite some time. Get to know.

BEST GAME NFT Land NFTs and Tokenomics for Medieval Empires

Straight out of the traps before we could say web3 games, was everywhere this year. The great thing about what they’re doing with Medieval Empires is taking the headache of the backend away from the wonder of design. Medieval Empires is a wonderful web3 game, in my opinion, because of the finesse of the land NFT and tokenomics system by


Virtual Gear From Adidas

This is the best of the best from a company who is clearly not afraid to experiment. Children, look, this is how NFTs become sustainable in a jpg market. Okay, okay, Adidas have a way to go - that’s why I’m here - but the Hype Williams styling of PFDs (Personal Flotation Device) for your PFP is where it’s at. Luxury has so much to learn from streetwear - the more things change eh?


NFTiff by Tiffany & Co.

Speaking of luxury. This is trash. It’s derivative hokum from a company desperately trying to stay relevant. First we had the #notyourmotherstiffany campaign and now this? It’s bad enough that NFTiff featured cryptopunks which are soooo 2020 that we were also subjected to it selling out in 20 minutes. For what? Selling out is the word (to your mother).


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