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Supercell Teams Up with Carry1st to Revolutionise Mobile Gaming in Africa

Supercell, a prominent player in the mobile gaming industry, is embarking on an exciting partnership with Carry1st, a leading mobile game publisher in Africa. This collaboration aims to introduce a seamless in-game purchase experience within Carry1st's game storefront, encompassing elements like in-game currency, battle passes, and more.

One of the key implications of this partnership is the transformation it will bring to the African gaming market. Africa boasts a diverse landscape of local currencies and payment methods, including mobile money, e-wallets, and instant bank transfers. As a result, Supercell's games will soon offer African gamers a remarkably streamlined purchasing process tailored to their preferences. This move aligns perfectly with the growing trend of electronic payments in Africa, projected to exceed $40 billion by 2025. Coupled with the region's predominantly mobile-first user base, Supercell is strategically positioning itself to establish a commanding presence in this burgeoning market.

Cordel Robbin-Coker, CEO of Carry1st, emphasized the significance of this partnership, noting, "This collaboration simplifies the purchase of in-game items from some of the world's most popular mobile games, all conducted in local currency and using payment methods readily available to African gamers. It also presents Supercell with the opportunity to enhance revenue across its game titles by accessing a fresh, dynamic, and rapidly expanding gaming market."

The African gaming sector is making significant strides and is widely regarded as the fastest-growing gaming market on a global scale. Positioned within the MENA region, North Africa also enjoys proximity to affluent countries like Jordan and Saudi Arabia. However, the region grapples with low internet penetration, and its payment methods are often more localized than what is typically seen in Western markets.

Managing the intricacies of payments in such a diverse and dynamic environment can be more challenging than it appears. In certain markets, like China, the prevalence of banking apps and digital payment solutions has created a barrier for many Western companies. With the partnership between Supercell and Carry1st, the objective is to secure a strong foothold in anticipation of a burgeoning market. By leveraging the experience of an established publisher, Supercell can maintain its focus on its existing European and American operations, while Carry1st gains the ability to offer in-game purchases for some of the most prominent titles in mobile gaming on their platform. This strategic alliance sets the stage for exciting developments in the African gaming landscape.


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