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Starbucks Korea Launches Asia's First NFT Project: 'STARBUCKS STAR★LIGHT'

Starbucks Korea Introduces 'STARBUCKS STAR★LIGHT' NFT Project, Rewarding Customers for Eco-Friendly Practices

Starbucks Korea breaks new ground with 'STARBUCKS STAR★LIGHT,' its inaugural NFT project in Asia. This innovative initiative encourages customers to embrace sustainable habits, such as using personal cups, by offering exclusive NFTs as rewards.

Starting January 16th, Starbucks® Rewards members can earn Eco Stamps by ordering beverages via Siren Order using personal cups. These Eco Stamps can be exchanged for limited edition NFTs, each associated with different tiers. Customers can collect a maximum of three Eco Stamps per day.

The collaboration with Korea's leading digital art platform, 'Print Bakery,' and local artists, including 'DADAZ,' ensures that the NFTs feature diverse digital artworks under the theme 'My Own Cup.' An exhibition at Starbucks® Jongno R store in Seoul showcases these artworks until the end of January, highlighting Starbucks' commitment to sustainability.

"We aim to integrate personal cup usage into customers' daily lives, offering a unique NFT experience," says Ryan Sohn, CEO of Starbucks Korea. The company plans to continue introducing eco-friendly promotions for its customers.

Please note that each account can receive only one NFT, and the functionality of the NFTs will be limited, with restrictions on gifting, selling, or trading.


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