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Sony's forthcoming DualSense controller might revolutionize your gaming experience... But how?

Sony has recently filed a patent for an upcoming DualSense controller featuring an integrated screen, aimed at enhancing the gaming experience. This innovative controller intends to assist players through challenging game sections by providing prompts and per-key illumination.

The touchpad is set to undergo a radical transformation, now functioning as a display that will dynamically guide players with button prompts, including the lighting up of analog sticks and triggers when necessary. The patent suggests that Sony plans to leverage machine learning and AI to analyze player inputs and offer optimal guidance.

While this advancement holds the potential to make complex games more accessible, there are considerations regarding its impact on the gaming experience. Some may argue that this AI-driven assistance could inadvertently serve as an "easy mode," potentially altering the intended challenge of certain games. Additionally, the success of this feature hinges on the effectiveness of the AI prompts, as a poorly trained AI might provide inaccurate guidance, affecting the overall player experience.

Sony's patent for "assistance input data" (image via GameRant)

It's important to note that companies often file patents without an immediate product release, and the incorporation of AI and a touch-enabled display could necessitate a significant redesign of the DualSense controller. Furthermore, the inclusion of on-device processors for these features may increase costs and complexity, possibly delaying or influencing the eventual release.

The new DualSense controller might not materialize in the near future and could potentially coincide with the launch of the PlayStation 6.


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