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A "Limited Edition" Meta Quest Teased as the Upcoming Xbox VR Headset

Microsoft and Meta have recently announced an exciting collaboration to produce a special edition Meta Quest VR headset infused with an "Xbox-inspired" design, marking a significant step in the convergence of gaming and virtual reality technology. While the partnership details are yet to be fully disclosed, it appears that the venture will entail customizing the Meta Quest 3, or potentially a future iteration, bundled with an Xbox controller.

In their joint announcement, Meta stated, "We’re working together again with Microsoft to create a limited-edition Meta Quest, inspired by Xbox." This strategic move underscores Meta's broader initiative of opening its Quest VR operating system to third-party hardware manufacturers, a trend already evident with companies like Asus and Lenovo developing dedicated headsets running on the Meta Horizon OS.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg took to Instagram to provide additional insights into the collaboration, revealing that the special edition headset will come equipped with Xbox controllers and Game Pass integration. This means users can seamlessly transition into immersive gaming experiences on a large screen from virtually anywhere, adding a new dimension to the gaming landscape.

While Microsoft's previous endeavors with VR on Xbox consoles faced challenges, the recent collaboration with Meta signifies a renewed effort to explore the potential of virtual reality. Despite earlier setbacks, the partnership signals a growing synergy between the two tech giants, with Meta's Quest platform offering users access to Microsoft Office apps in VR and the integration of Xbox Cloud Gaming with Quest VR headsets last year.

Overall, the collaboration between Microsoft and Meta represents a significant development in the virtual reality space, blurring the lines between gaming and immersive experiences while paving the way for future innovations in the field.


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