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Paris Hilton's presence on Roblox has generated the equivalent of $60 million in media advertising value.

Entrepreneurial icon Paris Hilton's latest venture into the metaverse, "Slivingland" on Roblox, has captivated over 3.2 million users since its debut in August 2023, continuing its allure through February 2024. A joint report from Hilton's 11:11 Media and the metaverse research institution Geeiq revealed that this exposure is tantamount to the impact of a $60 million traditional advertising blitz.

The comprehensive 42-page analysis delves into the realm of metaverse advertising, focusing on Roblox, a gaming platform within the metaverse that boasts a staggering 71 million daily active users as of Q4 2023. Notably, Roblox's revenue for 2023 surged to $2,799.3 million, marking a robust 26% year-over-year increase.

Slivingland's promotional prowess represented approximately 2.6% of Roblox's total earned media value in 2023, with the report attributing its success partly to a viral TikTok campaign.

"Slivingland" serves as a perennial entertainment haven for Paris Hilton enthusiasts globally, with fashion taking center stage. Emphasizing avatar customization and self-expression, core tenets of Roblox's success, are also pivotal to Hilton's community.

During the latter months of 2023, Hilton's Slivingland reportedly sold nearly half a million emotes, priced at 100 Robux each. The revenue from these transactions, considering various Robux purchasing methods, could be substantial, although the exact revenue share Hilton receives from Roblox remains undisclosed.

This foray into Roblox isn't Hilton's maiden voyage. In October 2021, she introduced "Paris World" on the platform, showcasing her affinity for the metaverse, a sentiment she reiterated in a subsequent CNN interview, where she playfully dubbed herself the "Queen of the Metaverse."

Beyond Roblox, Hilton has been an active participant in metaverse ventures, such as her involvement, alongside Andreessen Horowitz, in a $54 million fundraising round for the blockchain-based intellectual property network, Story Protocol, in September 2023. Additionally, she unveiled "Parisland," a romance-themed metaverse experience on The Sandbox, aligning with Valentine's Day 2023, characterized as a fusion of a virtual reality dating escapade and a reality dating show.

The surge of metaverse collaborations with renowned brands, artists, and DJs has notably bolstered platforms like The Sandbox, reaffirming the metaverse's rising significance in the digital landscape.


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