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OpenAI and Common Sense Media Collaborate to Safeguard Adolescents from Risks and Misuse of AI

In a significant move, OpenAI has partnered with the nonprofit organization Common Sense Media to establish comprehensive AI guidelines and educational materials tailored for parents, educators, and teenagers. The collaboration, unveiled at the Common Sense Summit for America's Kids and Families in San Francisco, focuses on mitigating concerns related to AI's potential impacts on children and adolescents.

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The initiative includes the curation of family-friendly models within OpenAI's GPT store, aligning with Common Sense Media's mission of providing suitable content for families. The partnership aims to contribute to a safer AI environment, especially for young users, by offering guidelines and educational resources to promote responsible AI use.

During the announcement, Common Sense Media CEO James Steyer emphasized the importance of educating families and educators about the safe and responsible utilization of ChatGPT and similar AI tools. The organization's guides and curation efforts will be designed to prevent any unintended consequences arising from the adoption of emerging AI technologies.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed the positive potential of AI for families and teens, highlighting the partnership's role in strengthening safety measures. He stressed the importance of ensuring that families and teenagers can confidently use AI tools.

While Common Sense Media started reviewing AI assistants last year, this partnership signifies a more concerted effort to enhance the family-friendliness of AI models. The organization's involvement in the curation of family-friendly GPTs within the GPT store is expected to bring a valuable layer of safety and suitability to the AI landscape.

The collaboration aims to strike a balance between innovation and safety, fostering responsible AI use among teenagers and families. As AI continues to evolve, partnerships like this one contribute to creating a secure and educational environment for users navigating the complexities of artificial intelligence.


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