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Oakley reveals the launch of 'Fortnite' eyewear, combining style with gaming.

Image Credit: Oakley

Oakley embarks on a groundbreaking multiyear collaboration with "Fortnite," melding Oakley's distinctive aesthetics with the gaming phenomenon's style.

The partnership debuts with two eyewear designs featuring the iconic "Fortnite" Battle Royale's Victory Crown etched on the lens. Oakley's Helux Fortnite is designed to reduce glare from OLED and LED screens, catering to gamers, while the Oakley's Hydra Fortnite offers a unique look for outdoor adventures.

Chica, a Team Oakley member, expresses excitement about the partnership, stating, "I'm so excited that my favorite game and favorite glasses brand are now partnering. In all my years of playing 'Fortnite' and seeing all of the different collaborations, I'm so happy to be at the center of this one coming together. I can't wait to share with my community."

The Oakley "Fortnite" collection becomes available exclusively on starting November 29, initially in limited quantities. This collaboration, facilitated by IMG, marks a significant fusion of gaming and eyewear innovation.


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