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Nike's 'NFTee' Sell-Out Sparks Controversy in the Web3 Sphere, Alongside Other Notable Drops

In the dynamic realm of Web3-connected fashion, Nike's digital community platform, Dot Swoosh, recently unveiled its highly anticipated "Tinaj" tee collection. This second installment in Nike's Web3 venture, following the success of its IRL sneaker drop in October, witnessed a swift sell-out via the SNKRS app. The "Tinaj" tee, exclusive to Dot Swoosh members, features the platform's logo alongside the satirical slogan "This Is Not A JPEG," offering a playful response to NFT skeptics.

However, Nike's triumph in the sell-out department has been accompanied by a wave of critiques, signaling potential challenges in the virtual strategy domain. Dot Swoosh community members expressed discontent on social hub X (formerly Twitter), citing a failure in communication regarding the drop's rescheduled launch date, insufficient supply, and platform bugs that hindered their ability to secure the limited-edition T-shirt. This controversy highlights the importance of streamlined communication and logistics in the Web3 fashion space.

Paolina Russo, a London-based fashion label, collaborates with Sknups to digitize key looks from its fall 2023 collection into virtual versions on Roblox. This move aligns with Roblox's role as a vibrant platform for creators, allowing lesser-known labels like Paolina Russo to reach wider audiences.

Kiki World is revolutionizing networking by introducing NFC-connected nails, further disrupting the beauty landscape. The innovative beauty brand has engaged its community in voting for its upcoming product release, "Chipped." Community members can select their preferred color for the forthcoming press-on nail launch until December 31, following the recent success of Kiki World's NFC-connected press-ons.

This groundbreaking technology allows wearers to transform their nails into networking tools. By inviting their social circle to scan their nails, individuals can seamlessly share information such as their LinkedIn account, Instagram, and email. Kiki World's disruptive approach, exemplified by the "Chipped" activation, is reshaping traditional networking practices and has generated significant industry buzz.

As a disruptor in the beauty ecosystem, Kiki World's commitment to treating consumers as co-creators introduces a novel playbook for beauty brands. This innovative strategy sets a precedent that competitors are likely to emulate in the near future, underscoring the brand's influence on the evolving landscape of beauty and technology integration.

London-based fashion label Paolina Russo, recognized as a shortlister for the LVMH Prize 2023, is making strategic strides in the digital realm by introducing virtual wearables on Roblox. In collaboration with the digital fashion platform Sknups, Paolina Russo has seamlessly translated three key looks from its upcoming fall 2023 collection into in-game virtual versions, catering to the thriving community of Roblox users. This innovative project aligns with the brand's new installation at Dover Street Market London, which debuted on November 30.

The significance of this move lies in the growing prominence of Roblox as a dynamic platform for emerging creators to explore diverse aesthetics and expand their audience reach. For labels like Paolina Russo, which may be considered cult or lesser-known, this venture into the virtual realm serves as a milestone in gaining prominence within the fashion industry.

Gaming platforms, particularly Roblox, have become hotspots for independent brands seeking cultural recognition. According to Roblox's "2023 Digital Expression, Fashion & Beauty Trends" report, 51 percent of participants expressed a high likelihood of considering a brand in the physical world after virtually wearing or trying on its items in the digital space. This trend underscores the influential role of gaming platforms in shaping fashion trends and fostering brand engagement.


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