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Mhaya Game Introduces Monopoly to the Web3 Era with a Free Play-to-Earn Concept

Mhaya Game, a pioneering NFT-based play-to-earn GameFi experience inspired by the classic Monopoly, is revolutionizing the gaming landscape. This multi-chain city simulation and management blockchain game introduces the innovative free play-to-earn (FP2E) concept, setting it apart in the gaming sphere. Mhaya Game seamlessly incorporates multi-chain technology and a non-upfront fee NFT mechanism, offering unprecedented value to players and holders.

With 40 tiles and 12 diverse types supporting both PVE and PVP modes, Mhaya Game requires NFTs for gameplay. Players can acquire 13 NFTs as they progress, each yielding the same benefits, with opportunities to enhance yields based on staked amounts. The game follows the ERC-6551 staking mechanism, emphasizing user security and transparency within the Mhaya ecosystem. NFT characters eligible for the free prize pool are distributed based on community participation.

Emulating Monopoly, players roll dice, triggering random events to earn in-game tokens HAYA and governance token MAYA. The game allows players to upgrade characters, buildings, and participate in fortunate events.

Pedro Agular, Mhaya's CEO, expressed the vision behind the game, stating, "Mhaya2023 creates an anti-monopoly gaming meta-universe by enabling non-front-loaded, non-early wins, reforming the GameFi world from Web2 to Web3."

Since its 2022 launch, Mhaya has secured strategic partnerships with Web3 infrastructure providers, NFT platforms, DeFi organizations, and international social platforms. A recent Pre-A funding round led by Firestone Global garnered $5 million, fueling Mhaya's expansion. Future plans include developing the game on public chains like Arbitrum, BNB Chain, and Polygon, expanding the Mhaya community.

The roadmap includes open beta testing, official game launch, MAYA token listing on top CEX, collaborations with DEX and wallets, and the introduction of the Mhaya metaverse. Stay tuned for Mhaya Game's continued evolution in the vibrant world of GameFi.


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