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Meta aspires to become the 'Android' of the AR/VR industry, seeking a resurgence with the Vision Pro to revitalize its presence in the metaverse.

Apple is gearing up to unveil its Vision Pro headset on February 2, and the pre-orders have surpassed initial expectations, fueling anticipation as the launch date approaches. Meta, a long-standing player in the AR/VR domain with its Quest lineup, views the Vision Pro as a potential rival.

 AR/VR world

Despite being seen as competition, Meta is optimistic that the Vision Pro will serve as a catalyst, reenergizing its presence in the metaverse and positioning itself as the 'Android' of the AR/VR world.

Meta envisions the Vision Pro as a means to validate its existing metaverse endeavors and attract a broader consumer base. While initial speculations exist, the industry's reception to the Vision Pro and its use cases remains uncertain. Notably, the Vision Pro carries a higher price tag compared to Meta's Quest lineup, prompting considerations about its justifiability. With its newness in the market, developers will take time to adapt to the hardware and establish appropriate use cases. Nevertheless, Meta holds on to its optimism, banking on the Vision Pro to breathe new life into the metaverse.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, individuals familiar with the matter suggest that Meta sees the Vision Pro as a strategic move to fortify its $50 billion investments in the metaverse. The anticipated competition from Apple's Vision Pro could reshape the landscape, offering users diverse features and enhancing the overall experience.

Meta, previously holding a dominant position in the AR/VR sector, faces intensified competition with the advent of the Vision Pro. Mark Zuckerberg acknowledges that Apple's entry into the AR/VR segment could validate Meta's business and attract a more extensive consumer base.

Drawing parallels with the smartphone industry, where the iPhone is complemented by Android, Meta envisions a similar dynamic with its Quest lineup and Apple's Vision Pro in the AR/VR space. The looming competition between the two companies will depend on how developers perceive and adopt their respective products.

As Apple explores budget-friendly variants of the headset, the rivalry between Meta and Apple in the AR/VR field is expected to intensify, shaping the future of mixed reality. As Meta gears up for the Vision Pro's launch, its strategic moves reflect the influence and potential impact of Apple's latest entrant in the AR/VR arena.


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