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MeetKai: Unveiling the Latest in Open LLM Technology, New Virtual Experiences, and Future Metaverse Worlds at CES 2024

MeetKai, a prominent player in the metaverse and conversational AI sphere, announces its return to CES 2024, bringing an exciting lineup of upcoming metaverse launches developed in collaboration with global brands. Building on 5 years of intensive research and development, MeetKai showcases advancements in its Generative AI platform. Positioned at The Venetian Expo, Bellini 2003 Meeting Room, the company invites CES attendees to explore new dimensions in virtual experiences.

Highlighting last year's achievements, MeetKai exhibits branded virtual experiences and conducts guided walkthroughs using VR headsets and browser-based devices. Additionally, the company introduces its newly-released Generative AI technology, addressing practical business needs. Bringing leading brand partners to CES, MeetKai unveils collaborations that exemplify the convergence of AI and the metaverse:

  1. THINK450 Collaboration: Partnering with the National Basketball Players Association's (NBPA) innovation engine, THINK450, MeetKai develops an immersive virtual retail experience in the metaverse. Leveraging AI-enabled digital twin technology, this virtual replication of "The Brotherhood Deli" offers player-endorsed brands, limited-edition merchandise, virtual meet-and-greets, content lounges, gamified contests, and more. The launch is set for later this winter, accompanied by a teaser of the upcoming metaverse world.

  2. Tripadvisor Partnership: MeetKai collaborates with Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel guidance platform, to bring a unique virtual travel experience to enthusiasts. Enabling users to explore new landscapes, landmarks, and cultures remotely, this metaverse initiative offers interactive experiences mirroring real-life travel. The launch is anticipated later this year.

  3. askROI and MeetKai Alliance: The partnership between askROI, an AI SaaS company, and MeetKai signifies a revolutionary era in AI. Utilizing state-of-the-art search and Generative AI platforms, this collaboration aims to reshape the AI landscape for businesses of all sizes. Pilot programs with over 10 companies have been initiated, signaling a significant step toward innovative AI-powered solutions.

Functionally, MeetKai introduces its open-source function calling specialized LLM (Large Language Model), available in small and medium variants. Tailored to meet the specific needs of MeetKai's generative AI platform, the small model surpasses GPT3.5's performance on production evaluation datasets, and the medium model is rapidly closing the gap with GPT4.

James Kaplan, Co-Founder, and CEO of MeetKai express pride in the company's accomplishments over the last year. Selected by top global companies as their technology provider, MeetKai has made significant strides in creating software that fosters direct and meaningful interactions between businesses and customers.

Experiencing substantial growth, MeetKai has become a go-to provider for metaverse and AI solutions across industries. From the launch of MeetKai Reality, MeetKai Metaverse Editor, and MeetKai Cloud AI at the previous CES to collaborations with major brands, including the Charlotte Hornets, Sony Pictures Entertainment, BYD, Drone Racing League, and more, MeetKai has continually advanced its AI and metaverse software. Now positioned as the most efficient, accessible, and scalable solution on the market, MeetKai looks forward to showcasing its immersive virtual experiences and AI solutions at CES, demonstrating its commitment to driving mass-market accessibility and affordability. Appointments for technology previews, insights into upcoming metaverse worlds, and interviews with MeetKai representatives are available throughout CES week.

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