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Mattel and Gamefam Unveil Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon on Roblox

Barbie Dreamhouse Tycoon Pink Barbie House

Mattel, Inc. and Gamefam are excited to announce the forthcoming launch of "Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon" on the popular Roblox platform on the 6th of October, 2023. This marks the first official Barbie game on Roblox, following a successful beta with three million unique visits.

"Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon" offers players an immersive experience within the world of Barbie, allowing them to construct their very own DreamHouse with up to four floors and 30 rooms, including exciting spaces like a yoga studio, office, recording studio, and walk-in closets. In addition, players can add various amenities like a movie theatre, game room, bowling alley, and even a helipad. The game invites players to explore each other's DreamHouses and enjoy virtual hangouts at the Malibu Town Square.

The Global Head of Digital Gaming at Mattel, Mike DeLaet, expressed their excitement about introducing Barbie to the Roblox community, aiming to connect with a new generation of fans. The game also emphasises inclusivity by offering customisable avatars, with a wide range of options for skin tones, body types, hairstyles, and even hearing aids, with more configurations planned.

In "Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon," players can fully immerse themselves in the Barbie universe, exploring Malibu, trying out various careers, and enjoying mini-games. Non-playable characters (NPCs) like Barbie "Brooklyn" and Barbie "Malibu" guide players through this enchanting world.

The collaboration with Gamefam, known for its expertise in metaverse gaming, aims to engage Roblox's massive daily user base and introduce both existing and new fans to the world of Barbie. The game will be available for free on various platforms, including consoles, PCs, mobile, and tablets.

Players can look forward to ongoing updates and exciting features post-launch, making "Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon" a digital destination for Barbie fans of all ages. Don't miss the chance to explore this exciting new Roblox game when it becomes available on the 6th of October, 2023. Visit Barbie DreamHouse Tycoon on Roblox to play and create your DreamHouse in the metaverse.


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