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Macy’s launches 'Mstylelab' a metaverse fashion experience

Macy's has entered the metaverse with the launch of a new virtual fashion experience called mstylelab. The platform is a blend of the physical and virtual worlds, featuring Macy's new 'On 34th' brand clothing. Shoppers can explore the immersive world and purchase any item they see, which appears as if worn by invisible giants compared to their digital avatar.

To get started, users can create a digital fabric, or simply enter the immersive space with a username. As shoppers collect stars in the virtual world, they can unlock a digital t-shirt that matches their digital fabric. While the digital fabric is not currently an NFT, it is expected to become one in the future. Every mstylelab account comes equipped with a digital wallet address in preparation for future NFTs.

Dave Torres, the VP of Interactive Marketing at Macy's, says mstylelab is "the next evolution of our web3 digital strategy, creating a hub for style inspiration and discovery at the intersection of fashion and technology." As the platform evolves, new activations and experiences will be added to create immersive storytelling experiences focused on fashion and style in a fun and shoppable environment.

Journee, an experienced 3D experience partner with clients such as BMW, Clinique, and H&M, is responsible for the technology behind the virtual world. In August, they partnered with Venly to add a layer of web3 features, including the wallet and NFTs. The platform also has a dressable avatar that uses Ready Player Me technology.

It's worth noting that Macy's has previously minted NFTs for its Thanksgiving Day Parade, including a metaverse experience in 2022. While the mstylelab brand is not new, the new metaverse experience looks more polished. Currently, there is no link between the Parade NFTs and mstylelab.


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