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Logan Paul Initiates $2.3M Buy-Back Program, Compensating CryptoZoo NFT Affected Individuals

Renowned social media influencer Logan Paul has pledged to personally compensate victims of the CryptoZoo NFT project, which he both launched and endorsed. In a recent announcement to his extensive follower base, Paul expressed his delight in fulfilling his commitment to initiate a buy-back program, specifically targeting Base Egg and Base Animal CryptoZoo NFTs at their original purchase prices.

Addressing his audience on X (formerly Twitter), Paul declared his personal involvement in the restitution effort, committing over $2.3 million to repurchase the aforementioned NFTs from every affected individual associated with CryptoZoo. He acknowledged the challenges the project faced, attributing its derailment to nefarious actors who not only stole funds but also betrayed the team while internally sabotaging the game.

Reflecting on CryptoZoo's trajectory in 2021, Paul, armed with a substantial online audience of 4 million subscribers, championed the venture as a promising gaming platform with lucrative potential. The project garnered attention with parallels drawn to iconic brands like Pokémon in its promotional campaigns.

However, the narrative took an unexpected turn when YouTuber CoffeeZilla undertook a critical three-part series, shedding light on concerns surrounding CryptoZoo's business model. The investigation brought to the forefront issues related to in-game currency purchases, leading to unfulfilled promises and unrecovered investments for players.

Logan Paul's commitment to reimbursing victims marks a significant step towards addressing the fallout from CryptoZoo, reinforcing his dedication to rectifying the impact of the failed NFT project on affected individuals.


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