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J.Crew Unveils Virtual Closet Experience on Apple Vision Pro with Award-Winning Partner Obsess - Winner of the 2023 RTIH Innovation Awards

J.Crew has elevated its metaverse presence by introducing the innovative Virtual Closet app on the Apple Vision Pro, an advanced spatial computer that seamlessly merges digital content with the physical world. Developed in collaboration with Obsess, a pioneer in experiential commerce, this cutting-edge app transforms the shopping experience into an interactive, ultra-high-definition 3D environment.

The J.Crew Virtual Closet leverages SharePlay, a feature facilitating shared experiences during FaceTime calls. Users can engage with J.Crew's expert stylists or host group calls to seek opinions on various looks, fostering an inclusive and collaborative shopping environment.

Halsey Anderson, VP of Marketing at J.Crew, expresses excitement about this groundbreaking endeavor, stating, "The Virtual Closet is a first for the fashion industry, leveraging Apple's newest technology to immerse shoppers in a hyper-realistic styling experience with our brand. We're thrilled to continue our partnership with Obsess to use this cutting-edge device to bring J.Crew into an exciting new era of spatial shopping and styling."

Within the visionOS environment, Virtual Closet users can explore a carefully curated selection of J.Crew's products, allowing them to examine textures and assess material quality at a level of magnification previously unattainable. The app empowers users to employ intuitive hand and eye movements, enabling them to browse the selection, mix and match different pieces, and create personalized outfits for any occasion.

Moreover, the Virtual Closet app features realistic background scenes, adding an inspirational touch to the shopping experience. Users are encouraged not only to build a new wardrobe but also to refresh their existing one with the help of immersive and realistic spatial elements.

This app represents an extension of J.Crew's web-based immersive metaverse commerce experiences created by Obsess in the preceding year. Neha Singh, CEO and Founder of Obsess, hails the Virtual Closet app as a groundbreaking experience for Apple Vision Pro, setting a new standard for fashion shopping in the era of spatial computing. She emphasizes the app's unique utility in creating interactive outfit combinations for diverse occasions, offering a novel e-commerce experience. Additionally, Singh highlights the advanced capabilities of J.Crew stylists to remotely assist customers in styling outfits through SharePlay, marking a significant stride in digital clienteling.

In conclusion, J.Crew's Virtual Closet app on Apple Vision Pro, in collaboration with Obsess, emerges as a transformative force, redefining the fashion shopping landscape through spatial computing and immersive technologies.


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