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J.Crew Dives Deeper into the Metaverse: Unveils Styling App for Apple Vision Pro

J.Crew is strengthening its metaverse footprint with the introduction of an immersive styling experience. In collaboration with experiential commerce platform Obsess, the specialty apparel retailer unveils the "J.Crew Virtual Closet" app on Apple Vision Pro.

This spatial computer, controlled by users' eyes and hands, integrates digital content with the physical world. The app, developed on the Apple visionOS platform, creates an interactive 3D environment where users can explore and shop J.Crew products. Leveraging SharePlay for FaceTime calls, customers can engage with expert stylists or host group sessions for style opinions.

Within the visionOS environment, J.Crew Virtual Closet users can meticulously inspect textures and materials at a higher magnification. The app enables hands and eye movements for browsing, mixing and matching pieces to create outfits, visualizing them on their personalized in-app mannequin. Realistic background scenes further enhance the immersive experience.

An extension of Obsess-created web-based metaverse commerce experiences in 2023, including a virtual beach house and a gamified, ski-themed holiday shopping experience, J.Crew Virtual Closet marks a pioneering move in the fashion industry. Halsey Anderson, VP of Marketing at J.Crew, expresses excitement about immersing shoppers in hyper-realistic styling experiences. The partnership with Obsess, combined with Apple Vision Pro technology and J.Crew's commitment to exceptional service, promises limitless styling capabilities.

Neha Singh, CEO and founder of Obsess, notes that the J.Crew Virtual Closet on Apple Vision Pro sets a new standard in spatial computing for fashion shopping. The app's interactive, life-size scale for creating outfit combinations and the ability for remote styling sessions via SharePlay represent cutting-edge e-commerce utilities.

As of October 28, 2023, J.Crew operates 120 J.Crew retail stores, 154 Madewell stores, and 215 J.Crew Factory stores across nearly every U.S. state, maintaining a robust multibanner e-commerce presence.


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