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Hugo Boss Embraces Roblox to Engage with Generation Z

Hugo Boss's sub-brand, Hugo, made a celestial splash in the virtual world of Roblox last week, aiming to dazzle the metaverse and showcase its marketing prowess.

The renowned German fashion house unveiled its inaugural offerings from the Hugo Blue line on March 7, featuring a range of denim essentials and urban streetwear staples like tees, hoodies, and puffer jackets. Alongside this launch, Hugo Boss's youthful Hugo label ventured into the digital realm of Roblox, unveiling an immersive experience titled "Planet Hugo" on the platform.

While numerous fashion brands have already tapped into the gaming sphere, including Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss's move with Hugo Blue aims to capture the attention of a younger demographic. Nadia Kokni, the company's Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Brand Communications, highlighted the brand's fascination with the intersection of gaming and fashion, emphasizing Hugo's alignment with key aspects of Roblox culture, such as gamification and self-expression.

Despite the growing focus on artificial intelligence in many sectors, the allure of the metaverse remains potent for brands. Roblox's Q4 2023 results revealed a staggering 22 percent year-over-year increase in its daily active user base, exceeding 70 million users.

The Planet Hugo experience within Roblox offers a range of interactive elements, including a game called "Hugo Fashion Match," where users compete to style their Roblox avatars with Hugo Blue attire. Additionally, participants can complete tasks and challenges to earn rewards or use Robux, Roblox's digital currency, to purchase virtual Hugo Blue items for their avatars.

Beyond mere virtual shopping, Planet Hugo incentivizes engagement by allowing users to collect redeemable "materials" and prize tickets through various activities within the experience. These tickets can then be exchanged for exclusive Hugo-themed items, fostering deeper interaction with the brand.

While physical purchases of the Hugo Blue collection are not yet integrated into the Planet Hugo experience, Roblox's 2023 Digital Expression, Fashion & Beauty trends report indicates that digital avatar customization can significantly influence real-life purchasing decisions.

Winnie Burke, Global Group Director of Fashion and Retail Partnerships at Roblox, underscores the platform's appeal as a means to connect with younger demographics, with nearly half of Roblox's community consisting of Gen Z members.

In Burke's view, brands like Hugo are leveraging Roblox's platform to cultivate ongoing engagement and forge meaningful connections with their target audiences.


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