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Globalizing Web3 Gaming: Animoca Brands Japan and HashPalette Join Forces

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Animoca Brands Japan, a key affiliate of Animoca Brands, has joined forces with HashPalette to drive the international expansion of Japan's Web3 gaming industry.

The partnership entails Animoca Brands actively promoting HashPalette's upcoming metaverse blockchain game, THE LAND ELF Crossing (THE LAND), in anticipation of its global launch.

HashPalette, an affiliate of HashPort Inc (HashPort), specializes in NFTs and offers business association solutions based on SoulBound Token (SBT), along with a platform for developing Web3 wallets tailored for financial enterprises.

Together, Animoca Brands Japan and HashPalette will collaborate on THE LAND, ensuring its success in the metaverse blockchain gaming space. The partnership also involves the strategic promotion of THE LAND within Animoca Brands' growing ecosystem, facilitated by its diversified portfolio of enterprises. International enthusiasts will be introduced to THE LAND through joint efforts with global partners.

Seihaku Yoshida, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of HashPalette, foresees significant advantages resulting from the partnership, emphasizing that THE LAND ELF Crossing, Japan's pioneering blockchain game token, IEO, already boasts over 150,000 pre-listed users. The collaboration is expected to accelerate the global distribution of THE LAND.

Minh Do, COO of Animoca Brands, anticipates a revolutionary impact on the exposure of Web3 users in Japan through the provision of blockchain games and Web3 wallet solutions. This initiative aligns with Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, where Animoca Brands assumes the role of a HashPort Group entity.

Daisuke Iwase, CEO of Animoca Brands Japan, expresses confidence that the partnership with HashPalette will provide THE LAND ELF Crossing with the necessary resources for international expansion.

HashPalette, responsible for the administrative aspects of publishing blockchain games, has notably created the Palette Chain, a network of blockchain nodes maximizing the distribution of Palette tokens (PLTs) and NFTs, along with PLT Place.

The blockchain-based metaverse farming game, THE LAND ELF Crossing, introduces reward systems through products produced via crop production, contributing to community construction. ELF tokens within the game can be exchanged for specific products in the form of NFTs.

As an affiliate of Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, Animoca Brands Japan is committed to supporting various verticals, including publishers, schools, and sports teams, in realizing their international Web3 aspirations.


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