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Global Mofy Metaverse Integrates AI and Metaverse Tech with Traditional Chinese and Western Therapeutic Methods

Global Mofy Metaverse Limited (Nasdaq: GMM), a technology solutions provider specializing in virtual content production and digital asset development for the broader digital entertainment sector, has announced the initiation of discussions for a three-way strategic cooperation.

Global Mofy Metaverse Limited

These discussions involve a senior professor from a prestigious medical university in Beijing, along with their affiliated hospital's director team, and the Metaverse Committee of the Beijing Big Data Association. The primary objective is to amalgamate Metaverse and AI technologies with traditional Chinese and Western therapeutic practices, exploring their potential in preventive healthcare and various treatments.

The initial meeting outlined a strategic framework focusing on the development of a virtual reality-based training and education system. This includes the creation of interactive virtual platforms for practical training, utilization of data analytics to enhance learning experiences, and the conceptualization of a virtual professor role to facilitate online training. These initiatives aim to revolutionize educational methodologies in healthcare, aligning with the forward-looking vision of the partnership.

Mr. Haogang Yang, CEO of Global Mofy Metaverse, expressed excitement about engaging with such esteemed experts in the medical field. Recognizing the adjacent market's significance, the company sees an opportunity to leverage its investments and expertise in developing commercially successful Metaverse and AI technologies and platform solutions. The integration of AI is expected to revolutionize various aspects of the global healthcare sector, from research and data analysis to predictive modeling and diagnostic tools. Partnering with a committed collaborator will not only help adhere to the company's product roadmap and R&D budget but also extend its competitive edge.

Mr. Yang further emphasized the potential for innovation in the healthcare sector. He highlighted the minimal evolution of medical equipment and procedures over the past few decades and envisioned a future where advanced data analysis, efficient modeling, and AI-generated 3D digital assets would enhance healthcare delivery. He anticipates the widespread integration of Metaverse and AI technologies across the healthcare industry, leading to more efficient and cost-effective solutions with higher efficacy, benefiting both patients and providers.


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