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Exciting News: OKX Ventures Unveils Strategic Investment in Matr1x, a Leading Web3 Gaming Company

OKX Ventures, the investment arm of the esteemed Web3 technology leader OKX, proudly reveals a strategic investment in Matr1x, a trailblazing Web3 entertainment platform poised to reshape the gaming landscape. Matr1x has garnered substantial backing, securing approximately USD$20 million in funding from diverse venture capital firms.

At the forefront of Matr1x's innovation is 'Matr1x Fire,' a revolutionary first-person CS:GO-style shooting title. This dynamic game includes a captivating 'battle-royale' mode, fostering team collaboration as players strive to conquer adversaries and emerge victorious from the intense fray. What sets Matr1x Fire apart is its seamless integration of classic Web3 elements, notably the incorporation of NFTs. These NFTs unlock exclusive experiences and privileges, enriching the gaming journey for enthusiasts. Anticipated for availability on both mobile and desktop platforms, Matr1x Fire delves into a narrative woven around a generations-old conflict between powerful data cartels and a resilient decentralized resistance.

Madeira, Co-founder of Matr1x, expressed the platform's overarching vision, stating, "Our goal for Matr1x is to become a leading entertainment and cultural platform, championing industry values such as data sovereignty, privacy protection, and decentralization." The strategic investment from OKX, a rapidly growing global exchange with extensive appeal within the Web3 community, will be instrumental in advancing the battle royale aspect of Matr1x Fire. The highly anticipated launch is slated before the year-end, following the official introduction of Matr1x Fire during Q1 2024.

Dora Yue, Founder of OKX, believes that the surge in Web3 adoption will be steered by innovative decentralized applications (dApps), with high-quality games playing a pivotal role. Matr1x has already captivated the crypto community, with its inaugural NFT drop swiftly climbing the ranks of trending collections post-launch in December. Yue eagerly looks ahead to the release of Matr1x Fire, expressing confidence that it will set new standards in gameplay and Web3 integration. This strategic collaboration anticipates ushering in a new era of top-tier gaming experiences in 2024, as Matr1x continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the dynamic realm of Web3 gaming.


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