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DASVERSE Inc. partners with Singapore's RHT AlDigi Financial Holdings in a new joint venture

DASVERSE Inc., a prominent digital art platform, has formed a strategic joint venture with Singapore’s RHT AlDigi Financial Holdings, a leading financial services provider.

The collaboration aims to create a global Web3 platform integrating art and fashion IP content, utilizing DASVERSE's expertise in content IP, metaverse construction, and blockchain, combined with RHT AlDigi Financial Holding’s financial and investment proficiency.

The joint venture ceremony, held on November 22 at RHT AlDigi Financial Holdings’ Singapore headquarters, saw the appointment of James Hong as the CEO of the newly formed entity, DAS Universe. This partnership is a significant stride in advancing innovation within the Web3 technology space.

DAS Universe plans to establish an integrated online and offline platform targeting the global market, with a particular focus on the Web3 ecosystem centered in Singapore. The collaboration will offer a range of digital financial services, including STO products based on art and fashion content IP, as well as AI trading solutions for digital assets.

Tan Chong Huat, Non-Executive Chairman of DAS Universe, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the potential for innovation and the creation of a platform that benefits customers and the industry.

James Hong, CEO of DAS Universe, emphasized the global impact of merging the strengths of two leading companies in the Web3 content and finance domains from Korea and Singapore, setting the stage for global innovation. The vision is to establish a trusted global Web3 platform, shaping a new digital economic ecosystem driven by innovation in digital lifestyles.


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