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DAIN LEADERS introduces 'Meta Campus,' an innovative Metaverse Learning Experience Platform

DAIN LEADERS, a prominent EduTech and Learning Experience Platform provider, has introduced Meta Campus, an advanced metaverse learning management platform. Meta Campus is designed to create a virtual learning environment in response to the rapid digital transformation and evolving landscape of higher education. Utilizing digital twin visualization technology, it transforms actual university campuses into detailed 3D models, optimizing campus maps to reflect each university's identity while integrating a learning management system.

DAIN LEADERS collaborates with universities to support students in managing their learning records and activities seamlessly. Pioneering 'Career Path' in 2012, a competency-based portfolio system, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in higher education. Active participation in government R&D projects involving blockchain and metaverse technologies has further solidified DAIN LEADERS' position as an expert in the new generation education platform.

With a global presence in countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and North America, DAIN LEADERS is actively contributing to the globalization of K-education. The company aims to enhance educational experiences by fostering a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content ecosystem for educators and learners.

DAIN LEADERS offers diverse place templates tailored for lectures, consultations, and meetings, facilitating new learning experiences through avatars and chat systems.

The company envisions establishing a meta campus ecosystem initially in Korean universities and subsequently expanding globally through an advanced EduTech platform in the metaverse.

Changbae Lee, Head of Contents Business Division at DAIN LEADERS, emphasizes the importance of making the metaverse a dynamic environment for continuous student engagement and enjoyment of learning. The company is dedicated to shaping Meta Campus as a catalyst for a novel learning model and exciting opportunities for learners worldwide.


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