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Bored Ape Supergroup KINGSHIP Unleashes Roblox Gaming Experience

KINGSHIP Islands introduces a "Floating Villa" where players can venture to unlock rewards, enjoy curated music, and obtain emotes for their avatars.

KINGSHIP Islands offers a complimentary gaming experience for all Roblox users. Players can access the "Floating Villa" by completing in-game quests. Exclusive holders of the 5,000 KINGSHIP Key Cards enjoy direct entry to the "Floating Villa" without quest completion.

The Bored Ape supergroup, KINGSHIP, consisting of Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT holders, has launched an immersive Roblox Metaverse experience.

10:22PM, the Web3 label under Universal Music Group, founded by Celine Joshua, announced the debut on Thursday. KINGSHIP Islands presents a captivating in-game journey on Roblox, where users collaborate to unite the four band members at the "Floating Villa."

While KINGSHIP Islands is free to play, Roblox enthusiasts must fulfill quests to unlock access to the Floating Villa, as per the announcement.

Holders of the 5,000 KINGSHIP Key Cards can now directly access the villa in the gaming experience using exclusive Roblox badges, granting distinct roles within the virtual setting.

Engaging in quests not only rewards players but also enables them to "acquire emotes for their avatars."

KINGSHIP intends to introduce additional complimentary virtual items over time, featuring music produced by Hit-Boy and James Fauntleroy, the KINGSHIP "sonic creative team" unveiled last year.

Established in November 2021, 10:22PM is composed of mutant ape Captain on vocals and bass, bored ones KING as the lead vocalist, Arnell managing beats, production, and drums, and Hud handling guitar, keyboards, and vocals.

Despite the decline in NFT prices from their peak in 2021/2022, project developers are focusing on NFT utility over fleeting trends. Emphasizing NFT avatars in gaming experiences expands the application of digital IPs for NFT projects beyond market speculation.


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