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Web3 Sim "Today" Unveils Advanced AI Character Engine Dreamia

Web3 cozy simulation game "Today" has unveiled its AI-driven character engine, Dreamia. This advanced engine utilizes AI to create intelligent, interactive NPCs with complex personalities and lifelike, responsive behaviours.

Web3 Sim "Today" Unveils Advanced AI Character Engine Dreamia

Developed by a team of data scientists and AI engineers fine-tuning open-source LLMs, these NPCs can generate memories and become aware of changes in their environment.

Michael O’Connor, co-founder of Today, remarked, “We are literally building the next generation of gameplay.

Our bespoke, story-first approach is what makes Dreamia unique: we’re embedding the nuances of real-life dynamics into NPCs so they have emotional depth, contextual awareness, and responsiveness.”

With Dreamia, players gain more influence in the game, actively shaping the narrative of their own experiences.

Ben Cleary, an Oscar-winning writer and director, and also Today’s co-founder and creative director, highlighted the importance of storytelling. “My early passion for video games, books, and movies shaped my love of storytelling as a multifaceted experience, blending visuals, interactivity, and emotional depth,” he said.

“As games become more like movies, these narrative fundamentals are crucial differentiators to successfully deliver interactive storytelling at scale.”

Learn more about Today and its integration of AI and blockchain in our recent conversation with O’Connor.


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