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Web3 Game Ecosystem, Saga, Launches Pegasus Incentivised Testnet Ahead of Mainnet Release in 2024

Saga, a Layer-1 blockchain protocol and developer ecosystem for Web3 games, has taken a significant step forward with the launch of its incentivized testnet, Pegasus. This launch marks the initial phase of a well-thought-out launch sequence, leading up to the anticipated full-featured Saga Protocol V1 Mainnet release scheduled for early 2024. Pegasus serves as a pivotal moment for Saga, setting the stage for developers and users to explore the true potential of blockchain technology within the gaming industry. The protocol is designed to provide a comprehensive stack of automated, high-performance, gasless, interoperable, and customizable chains known as Chainlets. The primary Realm, Saga Chainlet Realm, will be supported by various other Realms in the near future, catering to partners like Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Celestia, and XPLA, offering a broad spectrum of possibilities right from the outset.

Image Credit: Saga

The Pegasus incentivised testnet introduces key architectural components essential for the integration of other Realms within the Saga ecosystem. It includes the security chain, the first of many security sources for the Saga protocol, and the platform chain, where developers can launch and maintain their Chainlets. The Chainlet, the space where all applications and end-user activities are hosted, initially supports an Ethereum Virtual Machine-based Chainlet. This allows compatibility with the extensive Solidity and Ethereum ecosystem, with plans to become VM-agnostic, giving developers the flexibility to deploy in their preferred environment.

Recognising the strength of its community, Saga has initiated an airdrop campaign as part of the Incentivised Testnet launch. Participants, including developers, end users, validators, and community members, engaging in launch quests and contributing to the Saga ecosystem's growth, stand to receive SAGA tokens. The first recipients of these tokens are Saga's Innovators, the builders on the Saga platform, with more than 300 expected to join by the Mainnet launch in 2024.

Saga's founder, Rebecca Liao, expressed her confidence in the community and the ongoing support for the ecosystem, stating, "Saga has the best community any protocol could ask for. Seeing our Innovators showcasing their creativity in this Incentivised Testnet, we are more positioned for success than ever. We have seen incredible gaming apps reach a demo-able state and cannot wait to take them live on the Saga platform. We are fully committed to supporting their growth."

Since its inception in 2022, Saga has worked diligently to provide a developer-friendly environment, enabling creators to build within an abundant blockspace. With strategic partnerships and the Innovator Program, Saga has attracted nearly 1,500 developers working on 282 projects within its ecosystem. As the Saga protocol continues to evolve, and the Web3 gaming landscape expands, the launch of Pegasus is a significant milestone for the San Francisco-based company, signifying its dedication to fostering innovation and growth in the Web3 gaming space.


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