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Wales Makes History as First UK Nation to Enter the Metaverse

Experience Wales like never before as it pioneers its presence in the metaverse, inviting virtual visitors from across the globe to explore its rich offerings.

Visit Wales, the tourism body, spearheads this immersive venture to showcase Wales's diverse experiences and attractions in the digital realm.

Hosting the Welsh metaverse on the Spatial platform, this initiative aims to tap into the vast audience of approximately 600 million annual visitors to the metaverse across various platforms.

Organizers proudly assert that Wales is also the first European nation to adopt this innovative approach to promote itself as a tourism destination.

This landmark announcement follows a report by a committee of MPs last July, highlighting Wales's need for a cohesive brand to attract international visitors.

Presenter of Doctor Who Unleashed and former gaming journalist, Steffan Powell, commended the metaverse experience, affirming its ability to offer potential visitors a tantalizing glimpse into the myriad attractions awaiting them in Wales.

Hannah Blythyn, the Welsh government's tourism minister, emphasized the metaverse's role in reaching new audiences by showcasing Wales's finest offerings in an innovative digital format.

With quests and interactive itineraries featuring real-life Welsh activities, visitors to the virtual Wales are in for an engaging experience.

The creation of this digital realm is a collaborative effort with Swansea-based firm, iCreate, reflecting Wales's prowess in innovation and technology.

Dawn Lyle, founder of iCreate, expressed excitement about this initiative, highlighting the boundless potential of the virtual space in reaching new audiences.

Accessible on smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, and Meta Quest headsets, the Wales metaverse is now open to the public, inviting everyone to embark on a virtual journey through the wonders of Wales.


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