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Veyond Metaverse Unveils AI Voice Command Technology Revolutionizing XR Digital Surgery

Veyond Metaverse, a pioneer in extended reality (XR) healthcare technology, has introduced a cutting-edge development in digital surgery—a sophisticated AI-powered voice command system that seamlessly integrates with dynamic digital twins within XR operating environments.

Building on the success of Veyond Metaverse's landmark achievement in conducting the world's first digital surgery in September 2023, the newly introduced AI voice command feature is set to significantly elevate the dynamics within XR operating rooms.

Joon Chung, CTO and Co-Founder of Veyond Metaverse, expressed, "Our journey to redefine digital surgery is underpinned by advanced AI and XR technology. The launch of our AI voice command technology represents a major milestone in realizing our vision of democratizing access to high-quality healthcare for patients. This innovative AI-driven solution empowers surgeons with intuitive, hands-free control, substantially enhancing precision and efficiency in XR digital surgery environments."

Mohsen Rostami, CSO at Veyond Metaverse, highlighted the critical role of AI and XR technologies in light of the projected growth in the surgical market, expected to exceed $1 trillion by 2029. He noted, "With surgical procedures in the US estimated to reach 122 million by 2027, our focus on AI and XR technologies becomes imperative. Veyond Metaverse, through its groundbreaking AI applications, is positioned as a leader in this expanding field, elevating surgical efficiency and precision to meet the escalating demand for advanced healthcare solutions."

Extensive testing of the new technology has been conducted at the state-of-the-art XR OR training center at RapiDiagnostics HQ in Guayaquil, validating its reliability and effectiveness. Jimmy Silva, CEO of RapiDiagnostics, S.A., affirmed, "Surgeons can now interact with digital tools and environments effortlessly through simple voice commands, streamlining surgical procedures and fostering a progressive learning platform for medical professionals globally."

The exclusive XR operating room in Yangon, operational since September, will be the first to showcase this cutting-edge technology. The facility is poised to become a leading center for surgical training and telemedicine consultations, propelling healthcare innovation to new heights.

Adam Choe, Co-Founder and CEO of Veyond Metaverse, underscored the broader significance of these advancements, stating, "Our progress extends beyond technology—it is a commitment to our core mission of democratizing global healthcare. The incorporation of AI voice command technology in our XR operating rooms is a pivotal enhancement that empowers healthcare professionals worldwide."

As Veyond Metaverse continues to lead in XR and AI digital surgery, this latest innovation reaffirms its dedication to transforming healthcare education and practice, ensuring that advanced technology remains accessible and user-friendly for medical professionals.


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