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Van Heusen Collaborates with Hungama Heftyverse for an Immersive 3D Shopping Journey

Van Heusen, the renowned fashion brand for both men and women in India, operating under Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited, has joined forces with Hungama's Heftyverse, a metaverse initiative by Hungama Digital Media. This strategic collaboration is geared towards revolutionizing the online shopping experience by introducing a captivating 3D dimension.

In this innovative partnership, consumers will be immersed in an expansive 3D world, allowing them to explore a plethora of global styles and virtual fashion choices. Recognizing the escalating significance of digital shopping experiences, Van Heusen aims to infuse distinct styles into the virtual realm through its collaboration with Heftyverse. At the heart of Heftyverse's offerings lies Avatar customization, empowering users to personalize their avatars with clothing items curated from the Van Heusen brand.

This groundbreaking initiative enables fashion enthusiasts not only to flaunt their stylized looks on social media but also to seamlessly purchase the curated outfits in the real world through Van Heusen's e-commerce platform. The overarching goal of this strategic move is to boost platform adoption, elevate user engagement, and facilitate e-commerce transactions seamlessly.

Abhay Bahugune, the COO of Van Heusen, expressed his contentment with the partnership, underlining the brand's unwavering commitment to innovation. The fusion of fashion and digital entertainment in this initiative seeks to resonate with the evolving lifestyles of modern consumers.

Neeraj Roy, the Founder and MD of Hungama Digital Media, echoed the excitement surrounding the launch, emphasizing how this collaboration immerses both brands in the dynamic world of the metaverse. The objective is to redefine the landscape of online shopping by offering users an enthralling blend of entertainment and fashion within Heftyverse, showcasing a shared commitment to user-centric experiences. Heftyverse is now accessible on web browsers for laptops and mobile devices, poised to reshape the online shopping landscape within the metaverse.


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