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Upland Metaverse Players Rake in $13.5M Through Game Play and Property Sales in 2023

Upland, the pioneering GameFi platform, proudly announces a staggering achievement as its users collectively withdrew over $13.5 million in revenues throughout the year 2023. This financial milestone stands as a testament to the robust digital economy within the Upland metaverse, where players not only engage in immersive gameplay but also actively contribute to and benefit from a thriving virtual ecosystem.

At the heart of Upland's success is its unique approach, allowing users to generate revenue through strategic gameplay, creative ventures, and property transactions. A distinctive feature of Upland is its virtual property marketplace, where players can trade assets mirroring real-world locations. The earned revenues can be withdrawn in Upland's native currency, UPX, or seamlessly converted to USD through PayPal, facilitated by a strategic partnership with Tilia, a comprehensive payments platform developed by Second Life's metaverse company.

Dirk Lueth, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Upland, expressed enthusiasm about this significant accomplishment, stating, "Upland is the leading entrepreneurial and creator economic hub in web3. With more than 3 million registered users and the largest active participation in the space, we have managed to build a thriving, immersive digital economy." Lueth emphasizes that the $13.5 million in PayPal withdrawals is indicative of the strength of Upland's peer-to-peer community and highlights the transformative power of GameFi and genuine ownership.

This financial milestone follows closely on the heels of Upland securing $7 million in funding from prominent backers, including EOS Network, C3 Venture Capital, and Animoca Brands, affirming the platform's attractiveness to investors and its strategic positioning within the evolving GameFi landscape.

Upland's success is not confined to its financial achievements alone; it has cultivated a diverse range of partnerships across various industries, collaborating with entities such as FIFA, the NFL Players Association, UNICEF Brasil, and Susan G. Komen. With over 3 million registered accounts, nearly 300,000 landowners, and an impressive tally of over 6 million NFTs sold, Upland stands as a dynamic metaverse where users can not only trade virtual properties but also engage in world-building activities and exciting pursuits like virtual car racing.

Looking ahead, Upland continues to fuel anticipation by preparing for the launch of its Ethereum-based token, Sparklet, scheduled for the first quarter of 2024. This strategic move underscores Upland's commitment to innovation, offering users new avenues for participation and value creation within the ever-evolving metaverse landscape.


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