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Umoja Foundation's charity NFT collection for Ugandan orphans launched Tuesday, November 28

The Umoja Foundation is reshaping philanthropy with the launch of its first collection of 6,050 charity NFTs on November 28, coinciding with Giving Tuesday. Leveraging the potential of web3, Umoja transforms NFTs into social tokens for positive impact, aiming to revolutionize philanthropy by bringing it onto the blockchain.

Inspired by mainstream financial platforms embracing cryptocurrency, Umoja envisions mass adoption of NFTs by embracing transparent and immutable blockchain transactions. Each Umoja charity NFT supports orphans and the Dasom Ministries Orphanage community in Uganda, with the 17 resident children contributing as artistic visionaries for generative art pieces.

The 17-day mint period features 200 30/30 pieces and 50 1/1 pieces, priced to provide accessible philanthropy entry points. Available exclusively on Rarible, Ethereum-backed resales of Umoja's NFTs generate royalties supporting ongoing initiatives. Umoja emphasizes the resale model, with 7% of royalties directed back to fund Dasom Ministries' needs and expansion efforts.

Embracing the borderless nature of web3, Umoja aims to bridge global technology gaps and extend social impact beyond borders. Future collections will include animated and physical NFTs, supporting communities in Uganda, Africa, and beyond.


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