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The Meta Quest Lifestyle App Accelerator: Empowering XR Innovation

Meta's new Quest Lifestyle App Accelerator is set to revolutionize extended reality development, offering developers a unique opportunity to innovate in the XR space.

The Meta Quest Lifestyle App Accelerator: Empowering XR Innovation

With the rise of new headsets and hardware, the potential for spatial computing and immersive experiences is expanding rapidly. McKinsey projects the metaverse could generate $5 trillion by 2030, further fueling enterprise adoption of XR technologies.

For beginners and seasoned developers alike, the program provides seed-stage grant funding to create applications for Meta's Quest ecosystem. Participants not only receive financial support but also benefit from product resources, mentoring by venture partners, and guidance from Meta's own team. This initiative aims to foster organic innovation in XR, enhancing the Quest app store with fresh, engaging experiences beyond traditional gaming and business tools.

Applicants can apply now, with Meta planning to select participants by the end of the year. The program spans six months, with funding disbursed across three paid milestones to help teams prototype concepts effectively. Additionally, developers in eligible countries may receive up to three Quest 3 developer kits to support their projects.

Focused on "lifestyle" experiences, Meta encourages developers to explore applications that enrich users' daily lives through mixed reality, AI, and hand tracking technologies. Whether it's enhancing creativity, learning new skills, or exploring personal interests, the Lifestyle App Accelerator aims to elevate the utility of XR devices across diverse user demographics.


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