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Spindl and AppsFlyer Join Forces to Elevate Blockchain Gaming Analytics on Web3 Attribution Platform

In a bid to enhance the marketing strategies for Web3 games, Spindl, an attribution and analytics platform, has joined forces with AppsFlyer, a company with a track record of similar achievements in the Web2 domain. With AppsFlyer's expertise in providing attribution for mobile gaming since 2011, raising $300 million in venture capital, and Spindl's mission to create a Web3-native platform for blockchain-based games, the collaboration addresses the challenges posed by the hybrid nature of most "Web3 games," combining on-chain and off-chain elements.

Spindl, established two years ago, seeks to offer a Web3-native version of a platform that can serve as a foundation for the strategic marketing of blockchain-based games. However, the intricate nature of these games, often blending on-chain and off-chain components, requires the specialized functionality provided by AppsFlyer.

The integration of their data sets will enable developers to map user journeys encompassing both Web2 events, such as clicks and app installs, and Web3 events like NFT mints. This partnership, as described by Spindl founder Antonio García Martínez, signifies a convergence of Web2 and Web3 gaming.

García Martínez emphasized the limitations of existing Web3 gaming dashboards, highlighting the absence of crucial data related to on-chain revenue and user actions, ultimately providing an incomplete and inaccurate representation. This collaboration aims to address these challenges and offer a more comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of Web3 gaming.


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