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SK Telecom (SKT) Enhances Metaverse Content Partnerships

SK Telecom (SKT) has inked agreements with CelcomDigi in Malaysia, game developer Agate in Indonesia, and IoT platform provider Cosmic Technologies in the Philippines.

These partnerships aim to create localized content for SKT's metaverse platform, ifland.

In an official statement, SKT outlined that the collaborations involve the development of region-specific content and marketing materials, along with primary customer support in each market.

This strategic move allows SKT's partners to explore the metaverse business without making initial investments in service development, while enabling SKT to offer tailored content for diverse countries and regions. The partners are currently undergoing tests for service localization, encompassing joint marketing activities and dedicated local events within ifland.

SKT is actively working to expand language support on ifland by adding Indonesian, Malay, Hindi, and Spanish to the existing list.

A year ago, SKT declared its ambition to position ifland as a leading global metaverse space. The platform was launched in 49 international markets, and SKT has since forged distribution and content deals with local partners in multiple countries to further its metaverse vision.


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