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Pixelmon Token Airdrop Ignites Frenzy for Game's NFTs

Pixelmon, an Ethereum-based NFT game inspired by Pokémon, is set to airdrop a significant amount of $MON tokens, sparking a surge in NFT purchases.

Pixelmon Token Airdrop Ignites Frenzy for Game's NFTs

According to a recent announcement, over 180,000 eligible wallets will receive tokens via the Mon Protocol. Eligible participants include holders of specific Pixelmon NFTs, 'Kevin the Adventurer' players, participants in the PixelPals' 'Farm2Farm' contest, and $MON presale contributors.

This announcement has propelled Pixelmon’s in-game NFTs to third place on CoinGecko, with a remarkable 278.7% increase in trading volume within 24 hours, driven by 4,941 new sales. Daily transactions for Pixelmon NFTs have reached $1,360,910 (349.31 ETH), setting a minimum price of $2,822.67 (0.72 ETH) per NFT and boosting the project’s market cap to $35,469,697 (9,104 ETH).

Pixelmon has significantly evolved, overcoming initial criticism of its graphics. Under new ownership, it has undergone a major artistic overhaul and two years of development, establishing itself as a prominent web3 gaming project. The successful launch of Kevin the Adventurer, a game with 36,000 active players, marks a notable milestone.

The introduction of PixelPals on the Mantle network, combining pet care and trading card elements, has further expanded the Pixelmon ecosystem. LiquidX’s acquisition of Pixelmon’s intellectual property in 2022 was pivotal, leading to the development of trading cards, merchandise, and multimedia adaptations.

As Pixelmon progresses, the upcoming $MON token airdrop underscores its commitment to innovation and community engagement.


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