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OORT Secures Microsoft Grant, Paving the Way for Decentralized AI Infrastructure

OORT, a leader in Decentralized AI and Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN), has secured a significant achievement with Microsoft granting them a follow-up grant, building on their initial support from a year ago. This partnership signifies Microsoft's confidence in OORT's innovative vision and technology.

OORT Secures Microsoft Grant, Paving the Way for Decentralized AI Infrastructure

Beyond financial backing, OORT will benefit from integration and support from OpenAI, boosting their AI capabilities and enhancing their Datahub product's utility. This collaboration promises more robust and scalable AI solutions integrated into OORT's decentralized framework.

Moreover, OORT plans strategic integrations for storage and computing with Microsoft, aiming to strengthen their OORT Storage and OORT Compute solutions. This initiative will elevate their storage and data processing capacities, meeting the rigorous standards of institutional clients.

Max Li, CEO of OORT, expressed enthusiasm about Microsoft’s ongoing support: "We're thrilled about the future support from Microsoft. It’s a significant endorsement of our work in decentralized technology. With Microsoft and OpenAI’s backing, we're poised to elevate our solutions and deliver greater value to our users."

This grant and partnerships arrive at a pivotal juncture for OORT as they expand their technological infrastructure and market presence. Microsoft’s support not only enhances OORT’s technical capabilities but also integrates them more deeply into the broader cloud ecosystem.

OORT aims to transform data storage, validation, and utilization across decentralized AI networks. With strategic support from Microsoft, they are well-positioned to lead the evolution of decentralized AI in the future.


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