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MEWS 2024 in Nice: Gathering of Metaverse Innovators

From May 14th to 17th, mark your calendars for an exceptional event as the Metaverse World Summit (MEWS) presents the world metaverse event at the prestigious Negresco in Nice. Following the success of the previous edition held at the Monte-Carlo One, this year's event promises an equally enthralling experience.

The MEWS Awards are set to take center stage, recognizing and celebrating the pioneers, leaders, and companies driving the evolution of digital culture in Web3, the metaverse, VX, AR worlds, AI integration, NFT innovation, and the fusion of music, arts, and entertainment.

Over the course of three days, attendees will be treated to a dynamic program featuring insightful presentations, lively debates, and a glamorous gala evening. Supported by our valued sponsors, the charity gala aims to raise funds for Monaco AVC, a noble cause dedicated to stroke prevention, rehabilitation, and the advancement of treatments.

The highlight of the gala will undoubtedly be the MEWS Awards ceremony, broadcasted live to a global audience. With ten categories up for grabs, including sports, innovation, music, and the prestigious 'Best World' award, anticipation is running high. Notable nominees include Sebastien Borget, CEO of SandBox, content creator Samantha Tauber, director Adam Mors, tech luminary Mark Zuckerberg, and visionary Samara Cohen.

In addition to the awards ceremony, attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to preview performances by a diverse array of artists such as Midnite on Mars, AI for Music, and Augmented Riviera.

This event promises to be a melting pot of innovation, creativity, and visionary thinking. Stay tuned to Metacrunch for exclusive coverage of the MEWS event, where the future of digital culture will be on full display.


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