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JPMorgan's recent graduates could find themselves undergoing training in the Metaverse soon

Immersive technologies, such as virtual and augmented reality, may not have garnered the same level of attention as crypto or AI, but JPMorgan's Global Head of Immersive Technology, Blair MacIntyre, believes they hold great promise, particularly in the realm of banking. Speaking on MIT's Business Lab podcast, MacIntyre highlighted the most exciting application as "immersive training," where new hires can dynamically engage with real-world scenarios, providing valuable real-time feedback.

JPMorgan and other banks are exploring the use of virtual reality for training younger demographics, with Citi offering a virtual reality internship experience. MacIntyre envisions broader integration of augmented and virtual reality into employees' daily lives, proposing their use in meetings. However, he emphasizes that widespread adoption requires seamless integration into workflows, addressing challenges like data migration time.

Looking ahead, MacIntyre envisions a future where augmented and virtual reality, coupled with AI, facilitate "serendipitous access to information." For instance, in-person meetings could leverage augmented reality to display notes, making interactions more seamless. Additionally, AI could assist in note-taking during augmented reality meetings.

MacIntyre, who brings over two decades of experience as a Georgia Tech professor, expresses enthusiasm for JPMorgan's commitment to developing sophisticated and powerful immersive technology solutions. The bank's approach involves collaboration, rotating analysts from various departments and inviting teams to contribute ideas for ongoing research.


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