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Introducing 0xScope V2, Centered on Web3 AI Data Layer; Secures $5 Million in Latest Funding Round

Web3 data analytics firm, 0xScope, has unveiled the next phase of its development with the launch of 0xScope V2. This latest iteration places a primary focus on advancing Web3 AI applications through its exclusive Web3 data layer. By bridging AI and Web3, the initiative seeks to enhance AI's comprehension of Web3, addressing challenges such as high entry barriers, subpar user experiences, and information overload.

To facilitate this upgrade, 0xScope successfully secured $5 million in a pre-Series A funding round. The funding was led by HashKey Capital and featured participation from Redpoint China, OKX Ventures, GSR Markets, Amber Group, Antalpha, Main Quad Capital, along with existing shareholders Mask Network, Hash Global, and XIN Family.

The 0xScope Web3 AI Data Layer represents a pioneering effort, establishing comprehensive standards for collecting, cleaning, and managing both on- and off-chain data tailored specifically for Web3 AI training. Developers utilizing 0xScope gain swift access to high-quality data for training and optimizing AI-driven decentralized applications. The platform also features a Web3-centric large language model (LLM) that serves as the basis for training Web3 AI agents.

The Web3 AI Data Layer from 0xScope is positioned to support the emerging Web3 AI industry, resolving challenges associated with blockchain's high entry barriers and low adoption rates. By increasing the efficiency of processing Web3 transactions, data, and contracts, AI technology becomes a pivotal solution. 0xScope's expertise lies in cleaning and processing complex Web3 data, transforming it into high-quality datasets that empower Web3 AI solutions for future applications.

In essence, 0xScope positions itself as the Chainlink of Web3 AI, driving the convergence of Web3 and AI. Its clientele includes Web3 AI projects, exchanges, Layer-1 and Layer-2 platforms, investment and trading firms, among others.

0xScope boasts a proven track record in data analytics and AI implementation within the Web3 industry. Having served hundreds of thousands of individual users and over 200 B2B customers during its earlier V1 phase, the company has established itself as a reliable partner for VCs, quantitative funds, exchanges, developers, and various Web3 entities.

The 0xScope ecosystem features AI-powered Web3 market intelligence solutions, including Scopechat—an AI-driven assistant for crypto traders, Scopescan—an on-chain data analytics platform, and ScopeAPI—an API suite for developers. Scopechat, for instance, leverages the Web3 AI Data Layer to provide real-time Web3 data and insights conveniently in a single application.

Looking ahead, 0xScope aims to build a coalition of ecosystem partners driving the development of Web3 AI solutions using its data layer. The company envisions contributions from various roles within the Web3 community, incentivized by a crypto token-powered economic system. As 0xScope propels the convergence of Web3 and AI, it believes this symbiotic relationship will unlock new dimensions of value for the entire ecosystem. To participate in the 0xScope ecosystem, interested parties can reach out to

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